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Griffon Force was founded by an elite group of Individuals in the Identity Fraud, Network Security, Digital Forensics and Legal backgrounds to provide an unprecedented level of exclusive service to our clients. Our team is best in class and ahead of the curve on the latest developments on identity theft including fraud techniques and privacy laws.


Griffon Force Identity Risk Mitigation provides confidential "White Glove" identity protection. We monitor for suspicious activity and diminish the opportunity for identity theft. We are the advocate you want in your corner at all times, with respect to your privacy, identity, assets, and reputation to deter hackers and thieves. And, if your identity is compromised, we restore your identity at a level unmatched in the industry in terms of speed, discretion, service, and results.

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We filter out non-events and immediately inform and react on our client's behalf in response to any actual identity theft threats, including fraudulent bank account openings, fraudulent changes of address, suspicious activity with social security numbers and account openings, court records, credit card activity, credit inquiries, suspicious activity related to online services involving file sharing of information such as music and photos, checking and savings account activity, as well as monitoring of investment accounts and retirement accounts.

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We are a southwest Florida business with a specially designed business model for people exactly like you. Our experience is what sets us apart. When you have our team on your side you have access to a nationally recognized Identity Fraud expert, network security engineer with over 17 years of experience, data security expert formerly with the National Security Agency, and a nationally recognized fraud litigation attorney.

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