Beware Intuit direct deposit phishing email.

Below is an image of a phishing email that I received. The email appears to be from Intuit payroll and claims that the bank returned the direct deposit for payroll due to insufficient funds.  Here are the red flag warning signs that this is a phishing email.

  • It begins with “Dear Client”
  • Grammatical errors, note the improper usage of capitalization
  • Hovering over the “follow instructions” link revealed a URL of graphicsbygabby dot com
  • There is a severe consequence to convince you to take immediate action.

The links in the bottom of the email are all valid for Intuit. It appears the imposter copy and pasted the bottom section of a legitimate email to try to convince you that this one is legitimate.

If you should receive this email, simply delete it. 

Do you use Intuit for payroll? Speak with your payroll person or department before clicking.

Still unsure? Call Intuit payroll at the phone number listed on their website.