Griffon Guard

Griffon Force will shield and defend you and your family from identity theft and cyber-attacks.  

Do you have the skills and knowledge to thwart the threats of identity theft? Probably not. Threats advance as rapidly as technology making prevention nearly impossible. When you become a victim, will you have the time and expertise required to recover? If the answer is no, it is time to consider Griffon Force as your partner in the fight against identity theft. At Griffon Force our number one priority is to shield and defend you and your family from identity theft.

You and your family are unique. Griffon Guard is customized to meet the unique needs of you and your family. Our customized five phase strategic process is what sets us apart.

  1. Assessment
  2. Evaluation
  3. Implementation
  4. Monitoring
  5. Restoration

Each strategic phase is an essential defensive phase in providing you with peace-of-mind. We are not a one-size-fits-all monitoring company. Consider us your very own personal identity theft defense force standing guard to secure your every need in today’s data-centric world. Griffon Force advisors are highly trained with the skills and experience to comprehend the complexity of today’s identity-threats targeting individuals and families like yours.


  • Cyber-identity monitoring & alert management
  • Customized cyber-identity plan
  • Identity theft restoration
  • Consulting



INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY PLANS: Coverage for you and your immediate family members residing in your home and their devices

CUSTOMIZED IDENTITY THEFT RISK REDUCTION PLAN: A cyber-identity advisor will develop a customized identity theft risk reduction plan specifically for you and your family.

ACCESS TO CYBER-IDENTITY ADVISORS: Have a question about a letter or email you received? Our cyber-identity advisors will research to determine if it is a scam or legitimate. Our cyber-identity advisors are available to you when needed.

MONITORING AND ACTION: Our cyber-identity advisors will monitor for warning signs of identity theft or a cyber-attack and notify you immediately when something is detected. Monitoring may include credit reports, court records, the internet, and other platforms for suspicious use of your data.

ALERT MANAGEMENT: Your time is precious. Don’t be burdened with false alerts or attempting to determine if an alert is a legitimate threat. Our cyber-identity advisors monitor alerts for potential threats. You will only be contacted when a viable threat has been identified.

IDENTITY RESTORATION: Our cyber-identity advisors will work with you to implement levels of protection to reduce the threat of identity theft, however, the threat cannot completely be eliminated.  When identity theft occurs, you will have peace of mind knowing that our cyber-identity advisors are there to work on your behalf to restore your identity.

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