Carrie Kerskie appointed President, CEO of Griffon Force, LLC

Griffon Force, LLC is proud to announce that Carrie Kerskie has been appointed President & CEO. Kerskie was the director of the Identity Fraud Institute at Hodges University until its closure in 2018. Carrie Kerskie, an nationally recognized identity theft and privacy expert, brings to Griffon Force nearly fifteen years of experience working with identity theft and fraud victims.

Griffon Force, a Naples, Florida based company, was founded by:

  • A nationally recognized Identity Fraud expert with nearly fifteen years of experience of working with victims.
  • A network security engineer with over seventeen years of experience.
  • A data security expert formerly with the National Security Agency.
  • A nationally recognized fraud litigation attorney with over twenty years of experience.
  • An Apple and Microsoft authorized technician with over thirty years of experience.

Griffon Force founders, through their respective companies, have assisted cyber-attack and identity theft victims for years. Griffon Force brings together the skills, knowledge and experience of our founders to defend you and your family from identity theft and cyber-threats.