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By - Carrie Kerskie


Beware of phishing emails that appear to be from the IRS or tax preparation services. Do not click on links or open attachments from unexpected emails until you have verbally verified the validity of the email. New IRS phishing emails will display a voicemail mail message as an attachment. Do not click the attachment to listen the message. When in

By - Carrie Kerskie

Beware of Intuit payroll phishing email

Beware Intuit direct deposit phishing email.Below is an image of a phishing email that I received. The email appears to be from Intuit payroll and claims that the bank returned the direct deposit for payroll due to insufficient funds.  Here are the red flag warning signs that this is a phishing email. It begins with “Dear Client”Grammatical errors, note the

By - Carrie Kerskie

Public WiFi Could Cost You Your Privacy

Using public wifi is convenient and free. Sounds great, right? Think again. You might be saving money on your mobile data plan but it could end up costing you your privacy. What is public Wifi Public wifi is found at most airports, hotels, libraries or local coffee shops. Establishments that offer public wifi permit you to use their internet connection

By - Carrie Kerskie

Protecting your privacy when discarding unwanted devices.

Out with the old and in with the new. Tech devices have become a common gift at the holidays. But what do you do with your old device? You could sell it online, trade it in, toss it in the trash. I know, throwing it away is not eco-friendly. I am not telling you to throw it away, I am

By - Carrie Kerskie

Beware of Repair Scams After a Disaster

Hurricane Irma caused damage to both buildings and vegetation. These gave scammers an opportunity to take advantage of people.  After Irma, scammers arrived in Florida from around the county promising assistance with debris removal or repairs. Debris Removal Irma left in her wake downed trees and other debris. Depending on the capabilities of the homeowner, the ability to remove the

By - Carrie Kerskie

Beware of Mail Theft After Hurricane Florence

During a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, people do not consider their mail when evacuating. After you leave, your mail will accumulate in your mailbox until the hurricane arrives. Once USPS resumes service, mail will continue to accumulate until your return. All that mail is just sitting there in your unlocked mailbox waiting for someone to retrieve it. That

By - Carrie Kerskie

Beware Fake FEMA Applications

After a natural disaster bad guys will use every opportunity to scam and defraud you. They know that you are focused on other things, such a maintaining or rebuilding. They know that you may have limited resources, such as no power or internet. This gives them an advantage. FEMA Applications Within two days of hurricane Irma hitting Florida, FEMA was