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Personal Privacy Plan

We do the work. You gain peace-of-mind.


  • Prevent new credit account identity theft.
  • Prevent social security benefits identity theft.
  • Minimize the risk for many other types of identity theft.
  • Save time.
  • Everything is consolidated into one convenient document.

Once completed, we provide you with the your completed plan, including original documentation.  For your protection, we do not keep your sensitive information. Everything is returned to you.

Identity Theft Repair

Save your time, and your sanity. We will restore your identity.


  • Peace-of-mind knowing that our advisors have 15 years of experience with victims just like you
  • Spend your time doing what you enjoy, not sitting on hold.
  • Feel empowered by knowing that we have your back.
  • Get your life back.

Once your identity is restored, we will work with you to create and implement your personal privacy plan  plan to minimize future risks.



Identity Theft Speaker

Looking for a dynamic speaker for your next event? Look no further than our CEO, Carrie Kerskie.

Carrie is a nationally recognized identity theft expert. She has been featured in numerous publications including Consumer Reports and Event planners and attendees love Carrie’s presentations and style. NASA has requested her for three years in a row. Carrie has the unique ability to simplify complicated topics and presesnt them in an entertaining way. Her presentations are filled with real cases from her 15 years as a private investigator working with fraud and identity theft victims.

She is a speaker in high demand, limiting the number of presentations she is permitted to do each year.


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