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Recent studies show that every two seconds another American becomes a victim of identity theft.  The emotional and financial aftermath of identity theft is just as disturbing.  Additionally, the average victim spends many, many hours and a great deal of time attempting to restore their identity.  As a result, identity theft has now become a major worry for wealthy individuals and families, especially in light of the high-profile data breaches which have come to light recently (e.g. Equifax, Deloitte, SEC, and Uber and many others).

Affluent families are now beginning to realize that most existing identity theft market solutions are not designed for their unique challenges and concerns.  Although no one can stop identity theft, the affluent are now beginning to seek out the equivalent of a personal Identity and Cyberprivacy SWAT team. Griffon Force is your Identity and Cyberprivacy SWAT team.

Comprehensive Identity and Cyberprivacy Risk Management

Griffon Force’s combination of concierge-level service and cutting-edge technology are designed to reduce the chances of identity theft and increase the chances of early detection, mitigation, and successful restoration when identity theft does occur.  To accomplish this, Griffon Force focuses all its operations on the following three core objectives:

  • To continuously deliver the most comprehensive and effective identity theft and cybercrime prevention services available in the market place; 
  • To continuously deliver the most comprehensive and effective identity theft monitoring and restoration services available in the marketplace; and 
  • To continuously deliver its services in a personalized, confidential, and ultra responsive concierge level manner that assures rather than overwhelms clients. 

At Griffon Force, each client has an assigned expert who will be available at all times.  This service is provided on a first name, confidential, and personalized basis.  The relationship includes an extensive initial home evaluation as well as installation of  technology in the client’s homes.  It also includes ongoing work with the client to further reduce the chances of identity theft and other cybercrimes.  This concierge level relationship allows the assigned expert to be both proactive to prevent identity theft and to be immediately effective in addressing potential issues and scams, such as fraudulent emails, phone calls, or letters — all while Griffon Force’s technology proactively filters and scans the client’s devices for cyber threats.

Identity Theft Restoration Services

Already a victim of identity theft? Griffon Force has the experience and knowledge to work on your behalf to restore your identity. Our team has worked on behalf of identity theft victims since 2006. Your time is valuable. Our experience enables us to restore your identity within a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself. Once your identity has been restored, we will work with you implement procedures to reduce future risks of identity theft. Save money. Many of our clients were able to use our restoration service for little to no money out of pocket. To learn more, contact us today.