Carrie Kerskie BannerData breaches and identity theft are among the most common security risks for businesses today. Every month brings news of another massive breach affecting thousands or even millions of consumers, and businesses are losing the trust of their customers whose personal information has been compromised. It’s more important than ever for businesses owners, C-level managers, HR practitioners, and those in finance, security and IT to understand how to prevent breaches and what to do when one occurs.

Watch as Carrie Kerskie, a highly sought-after speaker, trainer and consultant on the topics of identity theft, fraud and data breach, discusses how you can help protect your organization against data breaches and identity theft.

Watch the webinar recording to learn about:

  • How data breaches occur
  • How to reduce the risk of a breach
  • Using the data privacy process
  • Conducting a data privacy assessment
  • Creating a data privacy and breach plan
  • Consequences of a breach
  • Risk levels of identity theft

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